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Mobile Vet LondonWho we are

We are Invite a Vet Ltd. A London based veterinary medical services team. Mobile Vet London

Mobile Vet London

We provide premier veterinary medical services in the most convenient and stress-free way possible – we come to you, visiting your home or office or wherever else you and your pet happen to be.

Our promise to you

Our promise to you is simple – whatever concern you have for your pet, we will listen to you carefully and take it seriously.

We are friendly and gentle with animals and we will give your pet enough time to get to know us during our visit.

We pride ourselves in providing veterinary medical services tailored to your circumstances.

We believe in transparency and owner knowledge in veterinary medicine. We promote science and technology but we also respect Mother Nature. We pursue balance in between them. We believe in love and are open-minded.


What would your pet prefer?

Home visits are ideal for cats, rabbits, and other smaller pets, as well as for sensitive dogs. Think about the experience from the point of view of your pet. For a typical visit to a veterinary clinic, there is the stress of being loaded into a carrier and transported to an unfamiliar place. The smells and sounds of other animals in the waiting room. There is the stress of being examined and handled in a consulting room that may be filled with the smell and fine hair of other animals.

It all adds up quickly and so it should come as no surprise that your otherwise sweet pet may start to act out due to stress.
We offer another option-invite us to your home so that the consult can occur in a comfortable, familiar place with minimum stress for your pet.

What would you prefer?

You lead a busy life and your time is precious. Driving and finding parking in London can be difficult and taking public transport can be stressful for both you and your pet. Even if you arrive at the veterinary clinic on time, you may have to sit in a waiting room while the vet completes the previous consult. With us, you will not have to waste your time travelling or sitting in a waiting room.

What about privacy?

Privacy is best protected when you expose less. People are more curious than cats and like to chat. We are different. We are discreet and respect your privacy.

“Every once in a while, a dog enters your life and changes everything”

Mobile vet London – Welcome to Invite a Vet Ltd. your closer vets.
Stress Free home visits for your pet, providing premier veterinary care in your own home.
Fast, Easy and Convenient Mobile Veterinary Service in London. Trusted and experienced vets on demand.
We are a mobile vet London providing veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own home. .
The Vet Practice that comes to you. We examine and treat your pet in their everyday environment.

Mobile vet London – Invite a Vet Ltd.